Romeo Ferraris FIA ETCR 2022 Report Card: 6/10

With just over a month since the season-finale Race DE in the FIA ETCR eTouing Car World Cup, it’s time to have a look back over the season.

First we have a look at the team which has experienced the most dramatic season, Romeo Ferraris.

The Opera, Italy-based squad unveiled a super-strong driver line-up at the start of the year, but on track things didn’t always go to plan, with a season that saw more than their fair share of crash repairs required.

We asked Romeo Ferraris Team Principal Michela Cerruti to give her assessment of the season, and she didn’t pull her punches.

Overall, how would you score the team’s season out of ten and why?


I would go with a “just enough” grade. We had a very strong car, but it was not performing 100% in every situation. I could say the same for the drivers. We had some high points, but unfortunately the bad ones were more numerous. The mechanics, on the other hand, deserve a 10/10, just because of the miracles they did every time we had to rebuild a car that was destroyed.

The goal was to win a title, we got very close to it but we didn’t achieve it. We couldn’t keep the second place in the manufacturers’ standings and, even if I can say we didn’t score points for the Vallelunga DHL Super Finals for circumstances out of our control, we gave points to the opponents as a gift too many times.

What went well?
The teamwork and the development of the car. We showed that we could have won in almost every race weekend.

What could be improved?
Everything can always be improved!

What do you wish you’d known at the start that you knew by the end of the season?
The racetracks we didn’t know which our competitors already knew.

What was the biggest area of progress for the team?
The performance of the car overall and the team organization.


Who was the team’s star pupil?
Everyone has his own I guess, but it will always be a secret 😉!

It wouldn’t have been possible without…
My father, and our endless passion and resilience.

What does the off-season hold for the squad?
We are working on our 2023 plans, early to say, but we feel like our job inside ETCR is not finished and we will make everything possible to be part of the game next year too.

Tomorrow, Michela gives her review on each race…