Sustainability actions

Sport gave us strong values. Facing the ongoing environmental challenge, we have the responsibility to respond and adapt to global change. In order to continue sharing our passion with the future generations, FIA ETCR commits to take actions for sustainable development.

For over 60 years, touring car racing has helped manufacturers to promote their products within the high-intensity environment of the race track. Touring cars are the most relevant ones to help that transition than ever before, while also helping manufacturers promote their new products & shifting consumers’ perception of electric vehicles.

FIA ETCR’s key aim is to show that electric cars can be a key way to accelerate the push towards electrification in the automotive industry. With the majority of the world’s governments setting ambitious, but achievable, emissions targets by 2050, the time is now to take this step. 

FIA ETCR is an on-track pioneer but must show global responsibility as well in all of our processes in order to do more sustainable motorsport. From this broad perspective, different actions have been implemented.

3. FIA Environmental

4. Carbon Footprint
measurement & reduction

5. United Nations Sports
For Climate Action Signatory

6. & Canopy
Project Reforestation Programme

7. Local Actions

8. Discovery Sports Events
Environmental Policy