FIA ETCR’s Spengler on Sachsenring

Romeo Ferraris driver Bruno Spengler is well known in Germany after having contested DTM for fifteen seasons between 2005-19, but despite this, he’s never actually raced at the Sachsenring before.

We caught up with Bruno to see what he had to said about the FIA ETCR eTouring Car World Cup season finale.

What are your thoughts heading to Sachsenring?
Even though I’ve raced a lot in Germany, I actually don’t know Sachsenring! I’ve been there only once with a road car, just for filming a very long time ago. I’ve seen it on TV and it looks like a very challenging place in a race car. Maybe a track where overtaking is not that easy, but let’s see, I think it’s a fun track to drive and a lot of drivers say good things about it, so let’s see what we can do and how our car will perform there.

How do you think it will suit the Giulia ETCR?
It’s hard to say at the moment, I think the first sector is very, very slow, so the first sector might be a bit of a tricky one for us. The rest of the track is pretty flowy with medium to higher speed corners, so if we look at the past couple of races, it could be another track that lets us challenge our opponents in a good way.

What do you think could be possible in the season finale?
With the great team behind us and with what we have achieved so far, I’ve good trust that we can come to Sachsenring and have a good performance there.

How enthusiastic are the German fans for motor racing?
The German fans are definitely great motorsport fans as they really love racing. And I know them very well because I’ve been in DTM all this time. The atmosphere the Germans fans are able to produce is amazing, so I’m really looking forward to racing in Germany again.

Do you think the German fans will be surprised by FIA ETCR?
Honestly, I think it’s awesome that we’re going to Germany, it’s a great opportunity. And I’m sure the German fans will be surprised and impressed by FIA ETCR because they like a show. ETCR is able to produce a great show in a pretty short distance, with great fights. It’s a lot of entertainment, so I’m sure the fans will be impressed and they’re going to love ETCR.

How’s the feeling since the accident last time out?
I really want to thank the whole Romeo Ferrari family and team because they have been supporting me already before the accident, but during the accident and after the accident, like a family and we were always behind me. I would like to thank also Professor Gangi for his surgery that got me back on my feet incredibly quickly. The whole Romeo Ferrari team was there for me, pushing me hard and helping me to get quickly back on my feet and back at 100%. I am really looking forward to seeing everybody again and to be to be pushing hard to finish the season on a high.