2022 FIA ETCR Recap: Sustainability Actions: Sustainable Connections with Stakeholders

At FIA ETCR our aim is to do motorsport in a better way. Real sustainability action doesn’t happen only on track. As a promoter our aim is to identify, link and impose environmental actions through all our stakeholders.

A constraining chart correlated with our EMS’ objectives has been provided to all of our suppliers and local promoters to respect our environmental standards.

Since PURE ETCR we jointly designed solutions with key suppliers to reduce our environmental impact. Thus, we use all weather Goodyear tyres so that fewer tyres are made, transported and disposed. Thanks to our HTWO hydrogen generators, only decarbonized electricity is used in the race car charging process.

In areas where we race, concrete on-site actions were been set:
=> no leaks programme to avoid any kind of fluid spills in the paddock.
=> Plastic bottles in the offices must be avoided and replaced by water fountains.
=> We ensure that the signage related to Waste Management is visible.
=> We encourage on-site fans and staff to use lower carbon methods to come to the event.

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