Gené full focus, full concentration with one FIA ETCR event to go

As one of the most experienced drivers in the FIA ETCR eTouring Car World Cup, CUPRA EKS Jordi Gené has seen a thing or two in his motorsport career, yet the Sachsenring season finale is just one of just a few surprises for Gené this year. We asked him some questions.

What’s your review of your season so far?
I’m happy it’s been very positive and very good progression. It was very difficult in the beginning to be honest for the first couple of races but then it was getting better and better as soon as I got some more experience with the car.

How high is the level of competition between both your team-mates and also with the other drivers?
The level is high. The competition obviously is high because we can look to each other’s data and no one wants to be slower than the others. But we work together very well. And against the other drivers, competition is getting tougher every time and it is more aggressive towards the end of the season. It’s been very, very hot and with some bumps and braking into some of our cars, but it’s normal in such a high level championship.

What’s your season highlight?
My seasonal highlight no doubt is the pole position in Jarama that was the highlight of my season so I’m very, very happy about this achievement.

How did everything come together so well in Jarama?
I tried to analyse this because it’s so important for my performance. I think it’s two things. One is my home race. And another one is that after two races together, I managed to put some kilometres under my belt, and think this is my weakest point. I do less kilometres than my team-mates, so it’s a bit difficult for me to be 100% straightaway on the first lap, whether they are racing every weekend. So putting three races very close one to each other. That gives me a good shape and I managed to get 100% out of myself.

What have been the challenges for you this season?
The challenges of the season have basically that we have, I think, the best touring car drivers in the world. Everybody is very nice, but we have very, very good drivers, world championship level drivers that are leading in USA, drivers that have been DTM champions and winning races in DTM. So the level inside the team is brutal. And for me, that was a big challenge to be at the level of them.

Despite your long experience, it’s a new circuit for you next time out. How do you learn a new track and when was the last time you had to learn a new one?
Yes, I have loads of experience, but obviously not all the circuits. I know. So last year was Pau that I did only a couple of laps or half a day in Formula 3 25 years ago that I had to learn and this year is going to be Sachsenring. So it’s a lot of experience many years racing, but always something to learn in motorsport.

What’s your approach to the season finale?
My approach to the season final is fully concentrated. We had a long break a very long break then we’re going to have one day testing, but we have to be right on it as we have the Constructors’ and Drivers’ Championship really close and I think we deserve them both. So, we have to do well and we have to concentrate and make no mistakes. And if we do so I am sure that we will have the two titles in our hands. So, full focus, full concentration, and one more to go!