FIA ETCR to showcase Next Generation Festival at Circuito de Madrid Jarama-RACE

The FIA ETCR eTouring Car World Cup will be the highlight and focal-point of the Jarama Next Generation Festival taking place at Circuito de Madrid Jarama-Race on the weekend of June 18-19 it was announced at the Ministry of the Presidency of the Community of Madrid yesterday (June 7).

The third round of the FIA ETCR season – Race SP – will wow the crowds at the event conceived to show the evolution of sustainable innovation with the new generation of vehicles using various technologies and propulsion systems as well as the emergence of new ways of understanding competition and motor sport.

The FIA ETCR aims to promote greater sustainability and highlight the excitement of electric mobility and the positive effect it can have on the environment worldwide. FIA ETCR’s promoter, Discovery Sports Events, is only one of three to hold three stars in the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme. FIA ETCR cars are powered by electricity which is generated through the use of the greenest Hydrogen available with water the only waste product in this process.

As well as the FIA ETCR, the Jarama Next Generation Festival will include the all-electric single-seater ERA series, a as well as driving activities with e-cars, e-scooters, e-bikes as well as e-skates; electric mini-bikes for children; mobile phone controlled “drifting” with state-of-the-art 1:43 scale electric cars; a sim area and even drone piloting. The event is designed to show family audiences the future of mobility, motor racing and sports motorcycling.

Through the Jarama Next Generation Festival, the Madrid Jarama-RACE Circuit, which was already ahead of its time as the first permanent circuit in Spain, home to Grand Prix and world-class competitions, reaffirms its pioneering character by anticipating the future of motor sports. The Royal Automobile Club of Spain is constantly evolving the track, with a number of measures in 2022 as part of the Plan for Sustainability of the Circuit, which has as its main objective “a Jarama that is sustainable and respectful of its environment.”

Xavier Gavory, Series Director, FIA ETCR:
“Sales of electric cars in 2021 represented 10% of car sales in Europe, which is an increase of 108% over 2020. We are already becoming familiar with electric mobility in our cities and this is something that will only increase. The FIA ETCR and events like the Jarama Next Generation Festival are pushing the message of new mobility solutions, helping both manufacturers and cities in promoting this. The FIA ETCR eTouring Car World Cup offers a unique experience were brands and drivers fight against each other with the short, sharp, shock of our Battles with the most powerful touring cars ever.”

Carmelo Sanz, President, RACE:
“Jarama Next Generation Festival is a faithful reflection of the innovative spirit that, since its inauguration 55 years ago, has characterized Jarama. A weekend of competition, leisure and fun with which RACE endorses its commitment to the future of mobility, accompanying, as it has been doing for 120 years, the automobile sector and motor sport in its evolution and technological development.”

Mayor of San Sebastián de los Reyes
“This event is international and first class, so the pride for our city is very high. The Madrid Jarama Circuit, and by extension, RACE, are identifying elements for the city. In every citizen of San Sebastián de los Reyes lives the pride of hosting the cradle of motor racing in our country.”

Marta Rivera de la Cruz, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports
“The Community of Madrid is redoubling its commitment to sustainable mobility in an area, motor sports, which in recent years has experienced an unprecedented technological revolution.”